Holiday Lighting Package

All Inclusive Lighting Package:

The Christmas Light Guys – Commercial & Estate Properties Christmas Light Installers – all inclusive package is exactly what you need to make your holiday season stress free! We provide all the installation, equipment, maintenance and removal for your quality light display. Below is a further description of our top of the line commercial grade products and service.

The Christmas Light Guys always provide:


The Christmas Light Guys use C-9 size bulbs to illuminate your building on 12’’ centers along a commercial grade green wire. You have the choice between incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs (a one time upgrade fee) in any pattern or assortment you choose.


The Christmas Light Guys use individual clips for each and every bulb on your building. These clips ensure a straight, clean and crisp appearance without causing any damage to your building.


During installation, we supply as many cords as needed to appropriately balance the power of your holiday display. We use different grades of cords depending on the display and power load. The Christmas Light Guys take the time and attention needed to ensure cords are not only electrically appropriate, but also that their placement is aesthetically pleasing.


The Christmas Light Guys installs a mechanical timer at each power source. Timers are synchronized to the times you desire for your holiday display to be illuminated.

Installation / Removal

We begin installing lights in late October through about the 10th of December. We provide ongoing light maintenance throughout the holiday season. We will return to take down the lights and equipment in the month of January. No lights will be left up past January 31st, weather permitting.


Once your lights are removed, The Christmas Light Guys will carefully store your lights and equipment indoors in an individual tote until the following year.

The Christmas Light Guys provide free estimates. You can request a free estimate online, or call us at 971-353-5300.

Bulb Types & Colors

LED & Incandescent Bulbs in a variety of colors.

LED Bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs

The Christmas Light Guys provide free estimates. You can request a free estimate online, or call us at 971-353-5300.

LED vs Incandescent Bulb Usage

LED Lights Power Consumption: Does energy savings on the electric bill support switching to LEDs? Yes! LED lights consume 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and last up to 100,000 hours, versus 3,000 hours for an incandescent. Combine this with the durable construction of LEDs, and savings extend beyond electricity. Repeat purchases in LED lights are reduced drastically, multiplying savings year after year.

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